This Tuesday 23rd April we are LIVE in the studio from 8pm …..

In studio THE PORTRAITS will be LIVE , playing and chatting:

On the Folky Phone LIVE – Em Marshall

Wey Valley Radio

PLUS Our intended playlist:
Don’t Worry Karine Polwart

English House- Fleet Foxes
Cote-Nord -Le Vent Du Nord

Defiance- Tomorrow Bird
Here with me- DiElle, John Gleadall, Chris Wood
On The Line (The Laundry Song) -Darren Eedens And The Slim Pickin’s
Daydream Believer- Amy Goddard
Ellie Goes West- Flook
Em Marshall True lovers farewell- Em Marshall
Dance All Night -Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
Back On The Dance Floor -Mark Knopfler
Wine and the Liquor -Corrie Shelley
John Ryan’s Polka / Dennis Murphy Strike the Bow & Fire in the Meadow

05 Mike Silver Not For You -Mike Silver


Makes for an amazing line up and a real fun radio show and of course you will be able to join us LIVE on our Facebook Chat thread

@Brian Player’s Acoustic Café Radio Chat