This week Tuesday 25th February 2020 in the studio Suntrap

LIVE in the studio Suntrap will be  singing live and chatting

Also LIVE Gordon Haskell

Folk Box Jury:

Allison Lupton – Away

Ben Reel – The Nashville Calling

3 CW (Three Can Whale) – Island of Apples


01 – Away Allison Lupton Folk Box Jury
Island of apples 3CW Folk Box jury
Ben Reel – The Nashville Calling – 11 – Borrowed Time Ben Reel Folk Box Jury
Folk Box Jury theme Brian Parks
Acoustic Cafe Kelly Kelly
Ther but for fortune Saskia
14.How Do You Know This Girl Shelley Poole
Shine A Light Fly Yeti Fly Fatea Showcase Session Autumn 2017 Changing
Those Good Old Dreams The Carpenters Only Yesterday – Richard And Karen Carpenter’s Greatest Hits
Alone Again (Naturally) Gilbert O’Sullivan The Gold Album (Disc 2)
Live Of Leaves Benji Kirkpatrick & The Excess Gold Has Worn Away
Butterfly Ian Roland & The Subtown Set Double Rainbow
Tender loving care Mark Handley
Track 04 Brian )’Headhra & Fiona Mackenzie
Fire Light Salt House Huam
I know my love Kit Hawaes and aaron Catlow
Out of the Way_The Nearlys_Everyday The Nearly’s
05 – FIRE AND RAIN Callaghan
Summer Days Helen McCookerybook The Sea
Crossing the Rhine Jiggy Album 2















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