This Tuesday (15th Jan) we are LIVE at 8pm – Brian Parks Album Launch and here is the playlist.

LIVE in the studio Brian Parks, Barbara Parry and Pete Stephens

PLUS this proposed playlist


Passing Tide Kim Richards

Seven Gypsies Claire Hastings

Riad Lau

Bringing Down the Moon – 2018-12-07 Mix Amy Goddard

Highway Two Tim Isberg

Story Now Told Beware This Boy

Vagrants Of Venice David Crosby




Fall On My Knees Bella And Polly


The Witch’s Promise Jethro Tull


I`ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song Jim Croce


Hunker Down Ringlefinch

Lady With The Dancing Feet Vic Cracknell


Smooth Sailing Jingle


11 The Blue Lady Instrumental – ft Ben Walker MARINA FLORANCE