Monday 22nd April 2019 at 7pm – Special Listeners Request Show No. 7

A very special show featuring tracks chosen by listeners to the Acoustic Café Radio Show:

Wey Valley Radio

  1. The Wandering Hearts chosen by Mel Montagnon
  2. Simply Red – Holding back the years chosen by Ann Brown
  3. Any Country Blues chosen by Paul Butt
  4. Soul and Blues- chosen by Betty Knight
  5. Declan Millar – Drinking for two – chosen by Kara Richards
  6. Sailing Stones – The Blazing Sun – chosen by – Shay Rowan
  7. Findlay Napier – The last straw chosen by Mike Rawlins
  8. Megan Henwood – Story Song Scientists chosen by Mike Rawlins
  9. Marina Florance -The path he chose – chosen by Tony Birch
  10. Marina Florance – One more day – chosen by Tony Birch
  11. Eleanor Shanley- Galway to Graceland – chosen by Pauline Mitchell
  12. Emily Smith – Waltzing for dreamers – chosen by Pauline Smith
  13. The Moonbeams – This Land – chosen by Gillian Harrison
  14. Samantha Whates – Trees or Gold
  15. The charm of Finches