Monday February 24th 7pm Teatime Assortment features the choices from the 1960’s

  1.  Greg Hancock introduces Velvet Underground
  2. Andy Prince introduces Pink Floyd
  3. Gowan Clews introduces Barry Ryan
  4. Peter Winning introduces Johnny Preston
  5. Stu Knight introduces The Beach Boys
  6. John Reed introduces Spencer Davis Group
  7. Mathew Studdard introduces The Small Faces
  8. Vivien Richardson introduces Dusty Springfield
  9. John Bath introduces Fleetwood Mac
  10. Melanie Frank introduces Leoard Cohen
  11. Tony Birch introduces Peter Paul and Mary
  12. Des O’Byrne introduces Simon Dupree
  13.  Grace Augustine introduces Gordon Lightfoot
  14. Paul Butt introduces The Moody Blues


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