Playlist for 5th June 2018

Definates but not in order

The Same Sea  – Adam Beattie

Jibber Jabbering  – Feather House (Pete Guy)
The Angel’s Share – Dana And Susan Robinson
Life Continuum –  Daniel & Emma Reid
Hush Hush  – Drouthy Neebors
What’s Good  – Fenne Lily
Still I Love Him  – Fiddle And Faff
Say Goodbye –  Hattie Briggs
Train to Coalfield Town – Helen Raven Helen Raven
Sinner  – Hollie Rogers
Suzyanna Bluesyanna –  Jaquie Daniels
Paint The town Blue  – John Cully
King Orfeo  – Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente

River Talitha Rise

House Of No Regrets  – Katherine Jenkins
Hungry Heart –  Mark Lavengood
La Vie En Rose  – Nicole Coward


If time allows these will also be included

Glen Where The Deer Is / The Ivy Leaf / The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy
After Rain October Gold
Difference No Difference Portraits, The
Last Swallow Ross Palmer
Hanging Johnny Salt
All the 8’s Scott Wood Band


Sharon will make choices from these tracks live:
01 Mr Smilie Sharon Lazibyd
02 Opium Of The Masses Sharon Lazibyrd
03 Half Shame Half Glory Sharon Lazibyrd
04 More For Less Sharon Lazibyrd
05 Winding Road Sharon Lazibyrd
06 Don_t Worry Sharon Lazibyrd
07 What Time Is Later Sharon Lazibyrd
08 Blood On Bone Sharon Lazibyrd
09 Not Blue Sharon Lazibyrd
10 And They Danced Sharon Lazibyrd