Folk Box Review

Each week artists are invited to submit a track for review by our panel of listeners. Points are awarded out of 5 (half points can be given)

The total points awarded are then added up and divided by the number of panellists taking part that week.

The panellists are made up of listeners who are using our Facebook Thread on the day and they will put their individual score on the thread.

Also those guests who are in the studio during the show.

To take part as a panellist you will have to register on the closed group “Acoustic Café Radio Chat” on Facebook.

To put forward a track please email an MP3 to

Just one track at a time please

It doesn’t have to be a new track, anyone you wish to measure through our panel can be submitted.

This is very much for FUN and should not be taken too seriously, it is not a competition and no prize or awards will be made.