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  1. Hi Brian, Merry Hell calling! We would love to come and play – please keep us in mind for when we are better known down your way – though we thank you for your efforts in that respect!. It’s a mighty long way from Wigan!

  2. Hi Brian, I have been enjoying your shows now for a couple of months and really love most of the singers and songs you play by them. As you asked for suggestions as to what to play I would love you to play something by Grace Griffith. Grace is American and is a well loved Celtic genre singer. Unfortunately back in 1998 she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and can no longer sing and is confined to a wheelchair and lives in a residential home as she needs 24 hour care. On 20 July ( this Saturday ) her friends are performing a benefit concert at The Birchmere in Alexandria, in Virginia to raise funds for her medical care. These friends include Tom Paxton,Lenny Williams, Macy Marxer and many others. I could say that it was due to Grace that the world got to know Eva Cassidy as Eva was a huge fan of Grace’s and Grace recommended her to Blix Street Records and the rest is history. Anyhow Grace has / had a beautiful voice and recorded five solo albums as well as in a trio named Connemara. Any track by her would be much appreciated as every Celtic and traditional song she sang and recorded is sublime. She has a new album out called ‘ Passing Through ‘ but of course they are not new recordings but tracks that didn’t make it to the albums. I’m pleased to say that Mike Harding has been playing a few of her songs on his Podcast. Apologies for this very long comment / request but I felt I should say a bit about Grace rather than just say her name and a track. Thank you for reading this Brian. Best wishes Paw x

    • Many thanks Pauline, and thank you for following the show.

      I will of course look into playing tracks by Grace and it sounds like a great benefit concert coming up.

      Please be sure to keep in touch

      Very best wishes


  3. Hi Brian,

    Thank you so much for your prompt and positive reply to my suggestion that you play a track/s by Grace Griffith. I luckily have all of Grace’s albums but I’m unsure if they are easily available here in the UK. I hope therefore you will be able to get hold of her albums and if it would be helpful I could list them for you or pick out a track/s that I feel your listeners would really like and maybe then would be interested in seeking her out further if they are unaware of her and what a great voice she had for all styles of folk and Celtic music.

    Thanks again for replying and I will certainly keep listening to your show and also keep in touch.

    Best wishes

    Paw ( Pauline )

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