Acoustic Cafe Radio Show 265 will be broadcast on 28th July 2017 Features all music some familiar, many new

This show will be broadcast on Friday 28th July 2017 at 10pm UKBST, 5pm EST on Blues and Roots Radio from Canada.
There will be an accompanying discussion which is LIVE on Facebook on @Blues and Roots Radio Station Chat Thread
Please note there will no longer be a repeat of this show on Tuesdays to prevent a clash with the new live show
1.Eva Cassidy – Songbird
2.Hannah Martin– Yaris wood
3.Daniel Nestlerode– Take us as we are
4.Lee Maddison – Crayon Butterflies
5.Bob Dylan– If not for you
6.Tilly Moses– Harbour
7.Ross Ainsle -Fly higher
8.Two coats colder-Diamonds and Rust
9.The Bailey Sisters– Navigator
10.Philharmonia Orchestra– Adiago Theme
11.Daria Kulesh– Safely Wed
12.The salts– Bound for South Australia
13.Fagerval Bjorkenvall– Another mans shoes
14.Ryan Young– Jenna’s Jig


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