Acoustic Cafe Radio Show 262 will broadcast from the 7th July to the 13th July 2017 Features all music some familiar, many new

First play of this show will be on Blues and Roots Radio Friday 30th June at 10pm UK time, 11pm Euro time, 5pm in Canada and US East, 8am in Australia.
We run a Facebook Thread to accompany the show LIVE and you can join us on:Blues and Roots Radio Station chats thread. Its FUN and brings artists together with their audience – just ask to join the closed group. This fun approach is repeated on Tuesday 11th July at 8pm UK BST time for those who miss Friday’s edition .


1.The Kinks– Waterloo Sunset
2.Le Vent Du Nord– D’Ouest en Est
3.Tinderbox– Don’t wake me up
4.Kate Bush– The man with a child in his eyes
5.Iona Lane–Amsterdam
6.Greg Russell– Travelling onwards
7.Gordon Lightfoot– Early morning rain
8.Alban Berg Quartet– II Assez Vif
9.Cara Dillon– Craigie Hill
10.Katie Spencer– Moths in the light
11.Samantha Whates– Trees and Gold
12.Davog Rynne– Talk to me
13.Corrie Shelley– Don’t Try to Change me
14.Melissa James– Live Again
15.Simon Mayor– Villanelle

Really hope you can join us for the show

The all new LIVE Radio Show will be on Wey Valley Radio on Tuesday 11th July 2017

From 8pm to 10pm (UKBST)

with live discussion on Brian Player’s Facebook page.

A full two hours of LIVE chat and music with special guests

Amy Goddard and Alex Tinlin

Plus lots of music………

Playlist will include:


  1. Laura Malcully – Cuckoo
  2. Danielle Lewis – Anywhere is home
  3. 9Bach – Cyfaddefa
  4. DIDI – Awkward
  5. Corrie Shelley – Mother’s Kiss
  6. Chris Fox – Love me at all
  7. Two Coats Colder – First Nations
  8. Jacob Collier – In my Room
  9. Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater – True are the mothers
  10. Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker – The waning crescent
  11. Ana Alcaide – Leyenda
  12. Ryan Young – The back of the change house
  13. Amanda Annie Platt – Learning how to love him
  14. Rosie Hood – Undaunted female






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