Acoustic Cafe Radio Show 259 will broadcast from the 16th June to the 22nd June 2017 Features Listeners Beatle choices Part 4 and chatting to Cara

First play of this show will be on Blues and Roots Radio Friday 16th June at 10pm UK time, 11pm Euro time, 5pm in Canada and US East, 8am in Australia.
We run a Facebook Thread to accompany the show LIVE and you can join us on:Blues and Roots Radio Station Page Its FUN and brings artists together with their audience – just ask to join the closed group This fun approach is repeated on Tuesday 20th June at 8pm UK BST time for those who miss Friday’s edition .



Joni Mitchell– Car on the hill
Andrew Page – Open the door
Nigel Brown – No one listens

Rachel Fabris – I dreamed a dream
Here I chat to Kim Edgar of Cara about their music, touring and work with Karine Polwart
Cara– The naked man in the whirlpool

Jeanes – Simple Jayne

Phil Riley and Neil Mercer – Lucky man

The rest of the show traces Beatle history using their words and requests from Acoustic Cafe Radio Show listeners – this is Part 4 (1966 to 1968)


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